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Collection of personal information

You can browse the general content of Alpha website anonymously, without disclosing your personal information. However some functionality on this site may require you to provide personal information. Examples of this include where you wish to make an enquiry or register as an Alpha Tester. We may need to collect, use or disclose personal information to allow us to answer your enquiry or process your transaction.

Use and disclosure of personal information

If you register as an Alpha Tester, this site will store your name and email address, and any feedback you have provided, as well as basic information about how you accessed the site (type of device, browser, IP, etc.). This information will only be used to analyse public feedback and identify improvements to the site. The myAlpha site does not connect directly to any other government system, and does not access or store any additional information about you.

We will not attempt to identify individuals from the above information unless that is necessary to investigate a breach of law or regulation.


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